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Conservation and Restoration of the personal belongings of Nawab Mir Yusuf Ali

Nawab Mir Yusuf Ali Museum, Porla Estate, Gadchiroli District, Maharashtra

This book contains the record of population of all the villages which was in charge of Nawab Mir Yusuf Ali of Porla Estate Gadchiroli, Maharashtra in his reign from the year 1906

Nawab Mir Yusuf Ali was the nawab of the Porla Estate, which consisted of more than 30 villages and were under his rule.
He was an expert hunter and had a collection of rifles.
He established a government-certified firm called Shikar Expert. Visitors from various countries would visit and hire his services for hunting.
After further research on his documents, it was established that he had hunted over 80 tigers in 1 year. The total tiger and other animal kills are unaccounted for.

The museums collection consists of:

  • Rare paper documents and handwritten documents

  • Photos dating back to 1857

  • Sherwani and a silk saree

  • Ceramic objects

  • Parts of a wooden bed and pillars

  • Leather objects

  • Metal objects consisting of an antique telescope, monocular, camera, swords, hukkah pot, lanterns, and manual machines for chopping and grinding among other miscellaneous objects.

Also, while examining the collection, we found the birth cords of the Nawab’s ancestors and their hair which were preserved in tightened pieces of cloth.

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